5 Tips to Keep You Motivated with Google Fit: A New Way to Track Your Activity #012

Keeping your motivation high is probably one of the hardest things when it comes to staying healthy. Once you get used to a certain routine and start seeing results, it becomes harder to keep up with it. Your motivation starts dwindling and you find yourself in an unmotivated state again. Unless you have been living … Read more

5 Ways to Get the Most Out of Your Google Home App #011

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3 Reasons Why Building a Google Photos Library Will Increase Your Happiness #010

Did you know that the happiest people in the world are those who collect things? The things they collect are not material possessions, but rather experiences, moments and memories. In other words, people who collect experiences become happier because they have great stories to tell their grandkids. In this new digital age, it is easy … Read more

Google Earth: The Greatest Educational App You Never Knew You Needed #TVT050

If you’re a teacher, parent, or student with an insatiable thirst for knowledge, the Google Earth app is here to help. This free educational tool transforms your smartphone into a window into the world—a world that’s now easier to explore and learn about than ever before. With Google Earth, you can take virtual field trips … Read more