Google Go For Android: The App That Lets You Search Your Phone In A Flash (T#044)

Google Go is an app that makes it easier to search the contents of your phone in a flash. It’s essentially a special version of Google Search that works with lightweight versions of websites and other documents. Rather than opening separate apps for different document types, you can just open Google Go and search for … Read more

JioMart Online Shopping App Review: The Newest Shopping Destination for Indian Consumers #040

Have you heard of JioMart? If not, then you’re probably not as connected to the internet world as much as you should be. JioMart is the latest and hottest online shopping destination that has taken the Indian consumers by storm. It is an e-commerce platform based on artificial intelligence (AI). This means that users experience … Read more

DIKSHA – The Next Generation Mobile Learning App for School Teachers #039

Teachers are the biggest catalysts for any student. They inspire, challenge and motivate students to achieve their potential. Due to various factors like time constraints, work pressure and stress, a lot of teachers have left the profession. The remaining teachers are overworked and stressed out with little time to focus their attention on each student … Read more

ShareChat: A Made in India Android App That Revolutionized Messaging #037

It was the year 2016. Messaging apps like WhatsApp, WeChat and Viber had already established their foothold in the mobile app market. In India, services like Hike and OO VOce were gaining prominence as well. Yet, there was something amiss. There was an inherent flaw in the way we communicated through messages on our smartphones. … Read more