Light Glowing Lyrical Animated Whatsapp status video in Alight motion tutorial tamil

Light Glowing Lyrical Animated Whatsapp status video in Alight motion tutorial Tamil

         In this Alight motion tutorial, we’re going to talk about everything you need to know about glow effects hey what’s going on the Internet this is veera from Tamil vra tech so it’s the first tutorial of the week and we’re going to talk about everything you need to know about creating awesome glow settings are going to be great for you know intros or titles or pretty much anything that you want to have like the cinematic glow effect to so I broke this down into three different parts that we can focus on each effect one at a time

the first effect we’re gonna take a look at right now is actually just creating the glow effect and how to build layers with the glow effect it would make it really stand out for your logos or your titles so to be more clear this tutorial is gonna be focused on creating just the glow effect and the techniques behind it I did get carried away with creating this entire a composition that’s because I recorded this part of the tutorial after I go on camera and record it and I got kind of carried away tonight and set up an entire scene if you like the example I have here gone ahead and checked our links in the video description we have several tutorials that are similar to this that will allow you to create this exact product now of course if you need more help creating this awesome glow effect with more of a neon sign feel to it I created a Skillshare course several months ago on this example right here if you’re interested in creating this go ahead and check our link in the video description it’ll take you right over to Skillshare you’ll also get two free months of Skillshare if you sign up through that link so once you have your title in here woke up to effect perspective and we’re gonna add a drop shadow effect we’re not going to glow right away and what we’re gonna do is for shadow colour is going to come here and we’ll change it to the colour that we want to glow so we’ll do blue click okay set the distance down to zero and increase the softness to about 20 and this crease just a little bit of a glow around it and we can even lower the opacity by touch as well and then what we’re gonna do is go to edit duplicate and from here we’ll increase the softness to about 80 and this will create even a larger outer rim and this is gonna make a huge the difference in our glow effect now we’ll go to effect stylize glow and right now this looks really nice but here’s the thing is glowing white around 

  the edges and if we change the colour a to the blue colour that we were using it’s still going to be white it doesn’t actually change the colour and the reason why it’s so glowing white is because it’s glowing the colour of your object your title which our title is white if you want beyond the glowing blue what we’re gonna do is come here to glow colours versus original colours set it to a and B colours and what I like to do here is go to colour looping and set this to sawtooth be greater than a and now we have the opportunity to you know glow the colour that we want and we come here to increase the glow intensely just by a little bit to mend me 2.5 inch and then you know how we’re looking good but this is still pretty amateur so we’ll duplicate the Uruk glow effect so we have duplicate copyright here and we’ll come here increase the radius to about a hundred or so and this is gonna make a huge difference so before and after that was pretty cool really increase the threshold just by a little bit to maybe 75% so 75% threshold and 150 glow radius this is gonna make a huge difference in what we’re doing I still don’t like it so what we do here is going to affect stylize and we’re just gonna add a glow and this will pump it up dramatically and we’re not gonna touch any settings because I really like what we got going on here so mostly this looks really nice but we can ask some more detail to this what I’m gonna do here is duplicate our layer and I’ll come here to the bottom layer and we’ll plate all of our effects and then I’m gonna go to effect blur sharpen and I’m gonna add CC radial fast blur and this is going to create streaks coming out from our title and we can come here increase this to maybe about 70 ish maybe 78 to be exact and if you want you don’t have to do this but we’ll do it anyway a lot of keyframe for Center and we can move this over to the left side go forward in time to say 5 seconds or 6 seconds depending on how long your animation is gonna be moving on you know to move it over to the other side so now you’ll have this slight animation like this and it just looks really dynamic you know it’s really up to you, you don’t have to animate that but adding these streaks really make this thing pop even more so what we’re gonna talk about next is more about creating a scene or an environment for your glow effect and we’re gonna create a reflection off the floor to really make our scene come together there’s one the thing that you can utilize when you’re using a low effect and that’s creating a floor a nice little reflection down here so this one want to do right now we’ll grab both of our titles here and we’ll go to layer pre-compose and we can call it you know title glow and move on so there’s one thing you’re gonna need is a texture or some sort of background so you can go to a search engine and find a texture and download it and bring it into After Effects so this is a nice little texture and I can just drag this right into our composition right in here underneath our title glow doesn’t really matter we place it at the moment and then what we can do here is make this a 3d layer if you can’t make it a 3d the layer just toggle switch the modes down here and you can make it 3d layer and what we do here is hit our on the keyboard for rotation coming up to the X rotation and you know we can set this down to about negative 85 degrees or so we’ll hit Estrin keyboard for scale we might need to scale it up by a little bit and then hit P any keyboard for the position and bring this down to just right you know underneath your composition like that and we need to set this up for success so first things first remote to effect colour correction and we’re gonna add tint great go to effect colour correction and add curves and we’ll come here and we’ll just you know brighten this up by a little bit and this is something I highly suggest doing I’ll show you why in a second so make sure your background or your the floor is nice and bright so what we’ll do here when we’re done go to layer precompose we’ll call it floor and move all attributes into new composition click OK and now what we’ll do is we’ll turn this floor off real quick and we will duplicate our title here come here to the bottom layer go to layer transform and click on flip vertically vertical excuse me and we’ll bring this down you and just right underneath our you know title there great now we’ll go to layer new adjustment layer make sure this adjustment layer is on top of the text layer that we just did the flip vertical and also the floor layer and then from here make sure the adjustment layer selected go to effect blur and sharpen and we’re gonna add a compound blur where the blur layer set this to floor and now we’re starting to see that glow there check on invert blur and then we can crease the maximum blur here you can see what we’re doing and then let’s go back into the floor layer let me show you what was talking about the curve so maybe we can Justice be a little bit darker not as bright and we’ll go back into our main comp and you see that plays a big part into you know how it’s going to impact the actual you know reflectiveness so kind of keep that up and find the right value for our comp so I’ll keep two Maxima blur around 26 or 27 for this and boom now we have a nice glow there on the floor and that looks great so now we have a good basis for our glow effect but now I want to talk about actually working in some more practical effects with our glow effect to make it seem a little bit more you know realistic as far as flickering and being able to change the colour goes but this close starting look really good but let’s say we want to go back and have some more control over our title here to create a little bit more variation so we’re just not creating a glow effect let’s go back into our title composition here where we have our two titles and let’s just duplicate one of the titles here at the bottom come here to the bottom layer and just delete the CC radial fast blur and from here what we’ll do is make sure the layer selected and we can change this to say like a dark layer maybe like a dark grey click OK we’ll come here to the top layer where we have all these global effects in here and what we’ll do it all from the title here and we’ll come here to animate and we’re going to add opacity and from here we can lower down the opacity to 0% and what we’ll do here is open up a range selector 1 and we’ll increase the offset to 100% and then we’ll add a keyframe for offset, we’ll move forward in time by a little bit and we could bring the offset down by a touch move forward a little bit bring it back up and then we’ll kind of just do this all the way throughout the animation here just so we have you know that level of control and we know what we’re doing is creating a nice little flicker and our title and that looks pretty cool when we have that back title do to back it up just like that so you know it’s coming together and what we could do here also open the Advanced tab and we can set it on randomized the order that we’re set to OFF we set it to on and now it will you know be a little bit more random and if you don’t like you know what’s being flickered coming to random seed and you can just you know change what’s being flickered right so you know a pretty cool deal and if you want we can also alter the stopwatch for random see typing wiggle open parentheses 1 comma say 30 close parenthesis now we have a pretty intense flicker effect in here and that looks pretty cool and now you should have something similar to this and you don’t even have to have that random seed with that expression in there but if you don’t want a flicker but you have some level of control with either the offset keyframes or with the actual wiggle expression socially have to you how you want to proceed with this effect and with a little bit of colour correction you can change the direction of how your glow looks so those are my three techniques when creating a glow effect or a glowing scene similar to what we just did so I hope you guys enjoyed this tutorial and we’re able to take away a handful of techniques from this video if you did enjoy our video be sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel Sun duct film we post to post-production tutorials every week right here on the channel, you can also hit me up on my social media networks those links are in the video description and always be creating you  

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